Torpedo Mini Mount Carbon FINAL SALE

€ 59.95



Multipurpose aerobar mount for hydration, computers and nutrition.
Simply add a carbon XLAB TORPEDO CAGE and a standard water bottle, and you will not only reduce your aero drag but also have fluids readily available.
To go even faster, add the TORPEDO REFILL UPGRADE KIT with folding straw.

  • Original Torpedo Mount re-defined. Narrower, lighter & sturdier
  • Most adjustable mount on the market for cage & computer mount placement
  • Non-slip straps keep your system in place and keeps your extensions scratch-free
  • Easy to remove & install from bars with no tools required
  • High-end carbon fiber design for the best quality mount

Installation instructions: /sites/default/files/imce/torpedo_mini_mount_instructions.pdf

Wir weisen darauf hin, dass Produkte der Marke XLAB mit einer englischsprachigen Montageanleitung/Benutzeranleitung ausgeliefert werden.

  • "Use standard water bottle mounted horizontally on the aerobars for most aero additional hydration"... states leading Engineering-led bicycle manufacturer
  • Light & Aerodynamic - Aerospace designed by XLAB to be structurally and aerodynamically sound. Moves bottle into most proven aerodynamic position.
  • Optimal mounting position - Mounts truly horizontal to the aerobar, and designed to be level with your arms.
  • Optimal computer mounting position – Most forward room of any competitor designed to have computer in line of sight for minimizing head movement.
  • Wind tunnel and CFD proven - no drag penalty
  • Easy install & removal – No tools required and with simple non-stretch, non-slip silicon straps.
  • Superior Adjustability - Can adjust both fore and aft (1 ½”) as well as vertically, making it the most adjustable horizontal hydration system sold
  • Usability - Ideal for all race lengths
  • AQUA-SHOT Bottle Usage - Taking a drink from an XLAB AQUA-SHOT once every 15 minutes is faster than the drag (as much as 50 grams) from a 3/8" dia (10 mm.) straw for the whole bike split. Frontal area of bottle 68% less than most other front systems


  • XLAB TORPEDO CAGE - Specifically designed for aerobar hydration
  • XLAB AQUA-SHOT - Squeeze & squirt non-drip racing bottle
  • XLAB TORPEDO REFILL UPGRADE KIT - Aerodynamic refill bottle with straw
  • XLAB AERO SPACERS - Adjust height of cage to be level with arms


Carbon Mount plate
4 Silicone coated non-stretch polyester straps
2 M5x12 mounting screws,washers and Nyloc nuts


Fits bars 8-13 cms apart center to center


Carbon Fiber with proprietary unidirectional fiber orientation


19 grams


Because of our engineering and testing for this product we give it a 1 year LIMITED Warranty to the original owner