Delta 105

€ 63.95

Ergonomically designed so you can easily access the bottle even with limited flexibility

No trouble getting on and off the bike. The low mounting position provides enough clearance to easily swing your leg over the saddle

Adjust bottle height by up to 2.5cm to perfectly position to your comfort level

Worry-free bottle security

High-gripping XENON cages tout an 8 lb grip force – within the ideal range of rear system grip force for worry-free bottle retention

Strong, sturdy mount prevents swaying, rattling and vibration

Easy storage upgrades readily available 

Add an XLAB MULTI-STRIKE REPAIR HOLDER – a compact storage bracket that sleekly mounts behind the cage!

MULTI-STRIKE REPAIR HOLDER easily carries a clincher repair kit – tube, tire levers, XLAB AIR STRIKE CO2 Cartridges and XLAB inflator. It can also carry a full tubular setup including tubular tire and inflating foam sealant.


1 Cage Mount and 1 XENON Cage


Black mounting bracket with black cage


Proprietary composite mount. Nylon composite cages.

Cage Grip Force:

8 lb




3 Year Limited Warranty