Bike Shuttle

€ 49.96

Unique Design Prevents Bike Damage

No more leaning bike against walls that scrape your expensive saddle

Allows bike to roll while keeping bike upright

Design prevents pinching on tires and supports both sides of wheel evenly

Plastic covers prevent damage to the spokes and derailleur

No maintenance required

Makes owning a bike so much easier


Place bike into Shuttle and easily wheel outside for washing or lubing

Holds bike very steady for pumping up tires

Fits Road, Triathlon and Off-Road tires from 18 – 65mm in width

Automatically adjusts to tire width

Top quality Italian-made craftsmanship

Highly durable wheels able to withstand 200+ pounds of weight each


3.15lbs (1.43 kg)


Black with red wheels and accents


High strength alloy steel frame

Wheel Width Compatibility: