Triathlon Training Lights (black)

€ 39.95

Fits aero seatposts and aero bars

Safety is always of paramount importance at XLAB. We are now launching our second generation of daytime training strobes. Specifically designed to fit on aero seat posts and aero section Cowhorns.


  • Front - Three different modes. Hi-Beam, Low-Beam and flashing. We recommend the flashing mode for daytime training.
  • Rear – Three different modes. Constant, both flashing, alternate lenses flashing. We recommend the alternating flashing mode for daytime training.

Securing Rings

  • Each light is secured in place with two 'O' rings. In addition wider flat rings are provided for wider seat posts and aerobars. If you want to leave the light mounts on for a long period of time then two zip ties are provided.

Power Output

  • Front 0.5 watt white leds
  • Rear 0.5 watt red leds


  • Two AAA batteries supplied per light.

Easy to Use

  • Easily unclipped from mounts for battery changing.
  • “ON/MODE” grey button conveniently located on front of light.


  • ONE YEAR Because of our engineering and testing for this product we give it a ONE YEAR Warranty to the original owner.


  • Front - 0.5 watt white led x2
  • Flashing up to 17 hours
  • Hi-beam up to 6 hours
  • Low-beam up to 12 hours
  • Water resistant


  • Rear - 0.5 watt red led x2
  • Alternate up to 124 hours
  • Constant up to 4 hours
  • Flashing up to 21 hours
  • Water resistant


  • Mounting Brackets - “V” shaped
  • Brackets with rubber non-slip inserts
  • Quick release for light removal
  •  Infinite tilt adjustment